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Importance of Functional Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Bathroom Exhaust Fan--crop

Most modern homes come with bathroom exhaust fans already installed, but many of the older homes scattered across Minneapolis are not equipped with exhaust fans in the bathroom. Exhaust fans have an important role to plan in safety, odor control, and home maintenance. Read on […]

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Best Holiday Light Displays in the Twin Cities

Best holiday lights twin cities holidazzle

Nothing sets the scene for the season like holiday lights. But an elaborate home holiday light display can be an expensive proposition. Between purchasing decorations and the energy needed to power them night after night, the costs add up. If you’d rather not invest the […]

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Space Heater Safety Tips to Stay Safe and Warm

Space heater safety tips for families and homeowners

Especially during a mild winter, many homeowners seek to save on heating costs by supplementing their central heating with other sources of warmth. Portable electric space heaters are a popular choice. Space heaters provide concentrated warmth that you can move around the house so that […]

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October is National Energy Awareness Month


Each year, The U.S. Department of Energy recognizes October as National Energy Awareness Month. The goal of the month is to spread awareness about the impacts of excessive energy consumption and promote initiatives to reduce individual energy use. This year’s theme for National Energy Awareness […]

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