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Home Warranty Plans: What to Look For


Whether you’re buying or selling a house, a home warranty is always a good investment. Purchasing a home warranty contract for a home before you put it on the market will help sellers attract more potential buyers and negotiate a higher sale price. For buyers, […]

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Bonfe Home Warranty Reviews


Customer service is an important tenet of our business, and we’re proud to report that Bonfe customers are very happy with the service we provide them! On the heels of our Top 150 Workplaces honor, we thought we’d take an opportunity to highlight some recent customer reviews […]

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Home Warranty Survey Results

Family with Realtor

The results are in! We asked our realtor clients to complete a survey about what you look for in a home warranty provider, and over 150 of you responded. We tabulated your responses and this is a summary of what we learned. We were happy […]

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Essential HVAC Questions Every Homebuyer Should Ask

Home health = your health

For most of us, our house is the most important purchase we will ever make. Not only is it our largest financial investment, but it’s the roof over our heads and the place of security from where we build our lives. When shopping for a […]

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Always Have a Backup: Bonfe’s Home Maintenance Plans


Sometimes, even with proper precautions, routine maintenance and careful usage of appliances and HVAC systems, accidents still happen. Surprise breakdowns still happen. Wear and tear still happens. For those occasions, you need a backup plan. That’s why Bonfe offers Peace of Mind Service Plans. Our […]

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