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10 Smart Lighting Ideas That Will Make Your Life Better

10 smart lighting ideas

You’ve probably heard about some of the smart lighting products out there that you can use to automate your home lighting system. From smart switches to smart bulbs, the technology is pretty cool. But how can you take smart lighting technology from “cool” to useful? […]

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6 Ways to Improve Home Maintenance With Alexa

Improve Home Maintenance with Alexa

Sure, Alexa is a fun toy to have around the house – we can all agree that it’s pretty awesome to be able to set a timer or turn on some music with nothing more than a voice command – but can you actually improve […]

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Use Alexa to Control Your Nest Thermostat From Bed

Alexa Control Nest Thermostat From Bed--crop

When you combine Alexa with other home automation products, you can create a smart home that caters to your preferences and responds to the sound of your voice. Combining the voice control capabilities of Alexa with the remote temperature control of the Nest Thermostat gives […]

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