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Ice Dam Removal Hacks: What Works and What Doesn’t

ice dam removal hacks

Ice dams are an all too common occurrence here in Minnesota, when bi-weekly snowfalls give snow just enough time to start melting before everything refreezes again. This year in particular has offered prime conditions for ice dam formation, with up and down temperatures mixed with […]

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How to Deal With Ice Dam Removal

Ice dam removal methods rake snow

Few things spell trouble for your roof quite like ice dam formation. Ice dams, thick ridges of solid ice that form along the ridges of your roof when snow and ice are allowed to melt and refreeze, can cause serious damage to your roof. These […]

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Plastic Roof Snow Guards: What You Need to Know

Plastic roof snow guards 101

One of the dangers associated with winter conditions here in Minnesota is falling ice or snow from the top of buildings. When snow or ice builds up over the course of multiple winter storms, it can get compacted inside roof gutters. It can then break […]

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Prevent Damage From These Common Winter Plumbing Problems

3 most common winter plumbing problems

Your home’s plumbing system is never at more risk than during the winter season. Extreme cold temperatures, snowfall, and ice buildup all put stress on your plumbing system. Educate yourself on the most common winter plumbing problems to minimize and prevent serious damage to your […]

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