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Cost-Effective Home Cooling Tricks


Sometimes summer in Minnesota feels like a test of endurance, surviving one heat wave after another. When it’s late at night and you’re lying awake feeling like you’re being slowly baked in the oven of your bedroom, it can be tempting to just crank the […]

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The Best Type of Sprinkler System for Your Lawn


Are you thinking about installing an automatic sprinkler system to keep your lawn watered and healthy this summer? Before you make a decision, you should first consider all the different types of systems available. Depending on the landscape of your lawn and the location of […]

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Energy Efficient Outdoor Lighting Tips


Outdoor lighting can be useful for illuminating entertaining spaces, providing extra security at night, and showcasing features of your landscape design. However, leaving your outdoor lighting on for hours every day can consume a great deal of energy. Now that summer’s here, we’ve provided a […]

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HVAC Tips for Buying an Older House


There are a lot of beautiful older homes available in the Minneapolis area, and these older homes come with many benefits—more character and charm, quaint neighborhoods, and a proven sturdy foundation. Unfortunately, an older home typically means that the HVAC system and appliances are also […]

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Benefits of LED Landscape Lighting


LED lights have numerous benefits that have made them an increasingly popular lighting choice for homeowners, both indoors and out. There are as many benefits to choosing LED bulbs for your landscape lighting as there are for your interior lighting—and then some. For one thing, […]

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