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Preventing Home Damage Caused By Humidity


As a state, we can unanimously agree: Minnesota summer humidity is miserable. But humidity isn’t just bad news for your personal comfort when you’re grilling out on a hot July evening, it can also be bad news for your house. That is, if you don’t […]

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5 Cost-Saving Benefits of Installing Dimmer Switches


Typically, when we think of ways to conserve energy, we think about making sacrifices. Installing dimmer switches for your home lighting system is one of the few ways you can save without having to cut back or give anything up. Dimmer switches help conserve energy, […]

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Minimize Spring Indoor Allergy Symptoms


Spring can be a rough time for people who suffer from allergies. For some, even being indoors may not bring you any relief. If your runny nose, sneezing, and watery eyes follow you inside, that’s a sign that your home air quality may be compromised […]

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5 Warning Signs of Plumbing Leaks


When you picture a plumbing leak, you probably picture a leaky faucet or perhaps a drip from an exposed pipe like one under your bathroom sink. However, the most serious plumbing leaks in your home are the ones that aren’t visible—at least not if you […]

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