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Dial or DIY: When You Should Call a Plumber


When faced with the prospect of a costly plumbing repair, it can be tempting to think, “I’ll just do it myself. How hard can it be?” For certain repairs, a bit of Internet research and a resourceful attitude are sufficient to get the job done. […]

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5 Tips for Maximizing Furnace Efficiency


Living in Minnesota, you want your furnace to work hard throughout the winter to keep the chill from creeping in. But you don’t want it to work too hard. The harder your furnace works, the higher your energy bills climb. So what can you do […]

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How to Recognize and Treat Hard Water Problems


While hard water is harmless (other than causing itchy skin and dull hair), it has numerous effects on your home that range from a nuisance to downright harmful. Effects of hard water: – Mineral deposits can clog pipes and reduce water flow – “Scale” residue […]

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6 Tips for Preventing Indoor Air Pollution During Winter


We’re all familiar with the dangers of outdoor air pollution, but did you know that it’s possible to experience air pollution indoors? It’s true. The air inside your home can be polluted by a variety of different contaminants including mold, tobacco smoke, household products, gases, […]

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