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How to Take Care of Your Air Conditioner


You just had a new air conditioner installed and you’re looking forward to a cool, temperature-controlled summer. Even though your unit is brand new and it’s probably the last thing on your mind, now is the time to start thinking about upkeep. Air conditioners are […]

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Tips For Surviving Summer Power Outages


Summer is the season for grill outs, days on the lake, baseball games—and power outages. Power outages are more frequent in the summertime due to powerful summer thunderstorms and electrical systems overloaded by an increased demand for power. Power outages usually only last for a […]

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Troubleshooting Tips for Poor Water Pressure


When you’re hot and sweaty and looking forward to a nice, refreshing shower to cool off, there’s nothing more frustrating than stepping into a weak spray and realizing there’s a problem with your water pressure. Even more aggravating is that poor water pressure can have […]

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