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Winter Home Protection Tips and Advice

  Every year the autumn season extinguishes itself in a rush of howling winds and driving rain, and paves way for cold and dreary winter. Winter brings with it hard frosts and chilly winds that ravage anything that comes in their path. The onslaught of […]

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4 Essential Tips to Protect Your HVAC from Storm Damage

A storm can seriously damage your HVAC system. Storms bring with them rain, hail, and, heavy winds, that pose a threat to your outdoor air conditioning and heating system. It is essential that you know how to protect your system from storm damage. This can […]

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Dangers of Doing Electrical Repairs Yourself

Do you remember the 1990’s popular sitcom “Home Improvement”? The TV show popularized DIY home improvements among US homeowners. Many consumers, in an attempt to save money due to difficult economic times, try to do most repairs at home themselves. From do-it-yourself to make-do-and-mend, the […]

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Facts about Washing Machine Bearing Repair

Facts about Washer Bearing Repair

Does your washing machine sound like a jet engine taking off during the spin cycle? Does it make a lot of grinding and squealing noises while spinning? Does the sound make your own head spin? If you nodded in approval to the above questions then you should […]

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